Joint Venture Between Playimage and Inventi Media Group Expands Specialty in Multi-Media Content Creation and Global Digital Distribution

Miami, Nov. 12, 2018 – A new joint venture between Playimage and Inventi Media Group expands specialty in multi-media content creation and global digital distribution, announced today in a joint statement by both companies.

“We are aligning decades of skillful experience and a reputable track record to create, produce and distribute the highest quality content distributed via leading television broadcast and digital media platforms,” says EVP of Business Development & Operations, Brian Chris Capozzi, of Inventi Media Group.

Seasoned Executive Producer Bob Buruchian joins Capozzi in this joint venture as EVP of Production & Creative Services for Playimage, adding, The joint venture enables both companies in collaboration to offer an array of creative services optimized to span across all media platforms with content distribution through a range of production styles.

Both Capozzi and Buruchian are executive producers with decades of experience in visual storytelling.Buruchian is an award-winning Executive Producer-Director and Digital Media Specialist with national credits on NBC, PBS, FOX and the Discovery Networks. Capozzi is an award-winning Executive Director & Executive Producer with over 250 credits of health and wellness documentary programming on PBS, FOX, Discovery Networks, ION Media Network, Amazon and Hulu.

The joint venture brings together an award-winning team as leaders in the multi-media industry leading the way in the creation, production, distribution and marketing of all forms of digital media contentas well as in spearheading business operations, program financing, budgeting and sponsorship investmentoffering the highest production quality that captivates, inspires and entertains audiences worldwide.

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SOURCE:  Inventi Media Group

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