New Compelling Documentary Medical Series coming to PBS Network 2019

Miami, Nov. 1, 2018 – Inventi Media Group, announced today that it is starting its pre-production phase of a new original documentary series Medical Stories which is scheduled for nationwide distribution, on the PBS Network, in 2019.

Just a quick scan through today’s headlines and you will see that nothing is impossible in the ever-changing field of medicine. Stories of life saving treatments, medical breakthroughs, advancements in research and technology as well as the understanding of the human body are all changing today’s medicine. In the new series Medical Stories we will go beyond the headlines and present all of this and more in a compelling, insightful, and informative format where you will hear from patients, renowned doctors, as well as top researchers regarding a wide array of conditions from the common to the rare. These are important stories that people need to know.

Inventi Media Group (IMG) is a multimedia entertainment company based in Miami that specializes in the creation of powerful content on all platforms. With intriguing storytelling, advanced technology and a commitment to excellence, Medical Stories will deliver a message that Inventi Media Group is well versed in. With our team having decades of collective Broadcast Television experience in producing TV shows for major networks, such as PBS and Discovery Communications, we are committed to developing a first rate series that has a relevant and important message for today’s audience.” – Brian Chris Capozzi, Inventi Media Group

In addition to the production of this series, the team’s past broadcast projects have enjoyed strong distribution throughout the US and with syndication in over 50 countries. A previously produced, seven episodes series had over 750 airings, over 120 of those airings in the #1 market, New York City. “We are proud to have ongoing distribution relationships for over 15 years with PBS and other global networks”.     – Bob Buruchian, Inventi Media Group

Production is scheduled to begin in Early 2019. Please Stay tuned for the release of Medical Stories in your area. For more information, visit:

SOURCE:  Inventi Media Group

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