Some people say that with enough research, funding and brainpower, nothing is impossible in the ever-changing field of medicine. Life-saving treatments, medical breakthroughs, advancements in science and technology as well as a better understanding of the human body, are all continually improving the reach and efficacy of today’s medicine. However, at the end of the day, medicine is all about helping people, human beings inflicted with illness and disease, and every one of them has a story to tell.

Welcome to MEDICAL STORIES, a new national television series designed to explore the latest in medicine today through the eyes of patients who are confronting and overcoming their medical conditions. Each episode will take viewers on a journey towards good health as patients share their incredible medical stories of hope and encouragement while they endeavor to get well with the help of their doctors, cutting-edge medical science, new discoveries and treatments, state-of-the-art technologies and an exponentially expanding knowledge of the human body.

Through their stories, along with the help of renowned physicians, researchers and scientists who are breaking new ground every day in the battle against complicated conditions and diseases, the series will present a compelling, insightful and enlightening look at the most up-to-date information on a wide-variety of conditions – from the common to the rare – while providing an optimistic outlook and future for patients and their families.

In short, MEDICAL STORIES will be about improving and transforming lives through amazing untold stories of courage and triumph, while bestowing viewers with newfound knowledge and awareness, and inspiring and encouraging the audience with a patient’s hope for an optimistic future and the stamina to survive.